Open Source Solutions Implementation and Customization for Enterprises

Enterprise applications development

Modern enterprises are aware that open source tools, technologies, and solutions offer multiple benefits today such as – cost-effectiveness, shorter learning curve, great community support, and longevity.

Therefore, enterprises in growing numbers are turning to open source in crucial business areas like ERP, CRM, ITSM, Helpdesk, Accounting, Marketing, HRMS, and more.

However, every organization has unique needs and circumstances, which make the implementation and adoption of open source solutions extremely challenging.

The complexities of open source solutions

Open source solutions cannot be used off-the-shelf. They need to be configured and customized based on business needs and workflows.

That apart, organizations also need to consider the following aspects –

  • Security: Security loopholes can badly expose the organization and customer data.
  • Usability: The open source solutions need to be customized with company branding.
  • Constant evolution: Newer product or version releases happen quickly for open source software, thereby increasing the chance of enterprise tech turning old rather soon.
  • Functionality: Specific business requirements may need to be addressed through customizations.
  • Limited enterprise support: Community support can be inconsistent, unpredictable, and without accountability.

What MindQube offers

Over the past 15+ years, MindQube has helped several worldwide enterprises with hundreds of implementations of various open source solutions.

Our end-to-end expertise helps you with,

  • Strategy: Help you identify gaps in your business processes that could be addressed with open source solutions.
  • Pick the right tools and solutions: Identify the right solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily.
  • Configuration: Implement the open source solution in your specific environment and configure it for your workflows and use cases.
  • Customization: Extend the capabilities of the chosen open source solution by developing customizations.
  • Maintenance: Support the implementation on an ongoing basis with continuous evolution.

Why Choose MindQube for Open Source Solutions Implementation and Customization?

  • End-to-end experience of open source implementation including strategy, open source solution identification, solution configuration, customization, and maintenance
  • Relationship focus – most of our customer engagements have lasted over 10 years
  • Employee focus – A majority of core team members have been with the company since its inception
  • Quality-oriented approach
  • Technology Expertise across a wide variety of open source technologies
  • Hundreds of hours of experience in configuring and implementing open source solutions
  • Robust processes, strong security policies, DevOps and Agile practices, and test automation expertise