Delivery process

If you have gone through the site in detail, you must have realized that we have mentioned about the strong delivery process multiple times. It’s like you can talk about your favorite topic all the time.

As we provide ‘Software Product Development’ as a service, we have been extremely quality conscious. Product Development demands, better talent across the board, right from Project Managers, Tech Leads, Programmers, QAs and the HRs as well.

However, having great talent is not enough, having better processes to make these smart people work together is another challenge. Our team has done a wonderful job in maturing these processes over the years.

Well, it’s not over yet. Clients have their own processes, tools they are comfortable with. At the start of the relationship, our team carries our detailed discussion with the clients and we define the process specific to the client. This adaptability results in seamless software development for the clients.

Typically, here are the main stages in the delivery process…

1. Requirement gathering discussions

2. HTML Prototyping

We use prototyping tools to help you and the team involved in the project to visualize and finalize the workflow. This gives exceptional clarity in the development and QA process.

These prototypes are generally clickable HTML screens.

3. Bug free because of QA involvement from requirement gathering phases. We involve our QA leads in the requirement gathering and the prototyping phase. This helps them understand what they are expecting from the developer. This practice has helped the clients and us immensely to deliver close to bug free projects as well as has saved a lot of time on both sides.

4. We go out of the way – don’t stick by estimates

Sometimes, even after the requirement gathering and the prototyping and sometimes even after the delivery few changes pop up. This is where we try and go out of the way for our clients and do the changes required to go live. Of course, it is not possible or realistic to do so every time, but we honestly try to do so.

5. Visit to customers without additional charge

This is what we try to once in a year at least or even twice sometimes. We make sure that the team member who is traveling to your country tries and meet you just to make sure everything is working fine during the projects or even in the past deliveries.

6. Check point call with the delivery manager twice a month

You will always be connected with our delivery manager. During the project, we make sure that the delivery manager has a scheduled call with you twice a month. We call it checkpoint calls. This helps solve, concerns if any as well as escalations on both sides are managed.

  1. Development in association with client teams

We have figured out the seamless way of working with the tech team of our client. The check point calls especially have helped create a co-working environment.